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Based on our first experiences with the "TYPO3 Backend-Add On" we have had the idea to add more comfort to the daily work with TYPO3 and Firefox.

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Configuration window


Based on our first experiences with the "TYPO3 Backend-Add On" we have had the idea to add more comfort to the daily work with TYPO3 and Firefox.

We added some desired moduls and from know on it is called "TYPO3 Workbench".

These are the modules:

  • TYPO3 Backend
    We integrated the TYPO3 Backend function into the new TYPO3 Workbench.
    Now the TYPO3 Backend can check whether there is a "/typo3/index.php" page or not. Due to this the login button will be shown or not.
  • My Projects
    Simply use your bookmarks function to add a folder with you actual projects. The TYPO3 Workbench will add a menu with your projects. By clicking on one of the menu items the login page of the specific project will be opened in another tab.
  • References
    Because of the availability of the two most important references (TSREF and TSConfig) in Docbook.format we added them to the TYPO3 Workbench. You can use the index or the integrated search to find the desired information and help. You can copy the located part and past it into your template.
  • Find extensions
    Just add you search criteria and it will be send to the Extension Repository on TYPO3.org.
  • Search Discussion Forums
    Tired of using google for search your TYPO3 problems? Just use the forum search of the TYPO3 Workbench. You can customize in which forums you want to search. If you find a forum that's missing just send the url to us (use the form below!) and we may add it to the next release.
  • Snippets Database (from Version 0.8.0)
    Ever wanted to have your code snippets right at hand when you need them? With the Snippets Database you can store them locally. If you are part of a company you can also put your database somewhere in your Local Area Network. So you and your collegues can fill the database alltogether. - Inspiring people to share -

So you think something is missing? Just use the form below and send us your idea. We will try to add it to some of the forthcoming releases.

Release notes

Release notes

Version 0.9.1

January 23 2017

  • Added StackOverflow URL to forum search

Version 0.9

January 05 2017

  • Updated TSRef for TYPO3 7.6LTS
  • Updated TSConfig for TYPO3 7.6LTS
  • Added Extbase and Fluid Reference (latest)
  • Small designupdate on references
  • Fixed bug on login (not opening backend if already logged in)
  • Fixed URLs for several websites at forum search

Version 0.8.5

January 22 2016

  • Updated TSRef for TYPO3 7
  • Updated TSConfig for TYPO3 7
  • Small designupdate on references

Version 0.8.4

March 27 2015

  • Small designupdate on references

Version 0.8.3

March 27 2015

  • Updated TSRef
  • Updated TSConfig
  • fixed bug in in snippet database
  • fixed backend login for TYPO3 6.2

Version 0.8.2

October 28 2013

  • Updated TSRef
  • Updated TSConfig
  • Changed the design to fit more to the official TYPO3 design
  • fixed bug in extension search (related to relaunch of www.typo3.org)
  • fixed community search (added some webpages deleted old ones that doesn't work anymore)
  • fixed bugs in login function (which I found while fixing this update)
  • fixed Bug in "Myprojects" (which came with the change of Firefox 22)

Version 0.8.1

May 03 2012

  • Fixed broken extension serach
  • fixed some coding due to response of AMO editors

Version 0.8.0

February 21 2012

  • NEW: Snippets Database
  • NEW: Czech Language

Version 0.7.2

January 30 2012

  • Added new version of TSRef for v. 4.6
  • Added new version of TSConfig for v. 4.6

Version 0.7.1

May 24 2011

  • Release for version 5.0 of Firefox.
  • Added new version of TSRef for v. 4.5
  • Added new version of TSConfig for v. 4.5

Version 0.7.0

March 03 2011

  • Fixed bug with drop-button for Nav bar.
  • Release for version 4.0 of Firefox.

Version 0.6.9

December 30 2010

  • Complete recoding of Javascript source
  • Changes made to namespaces due to Mozillas security policy

Version 0.6.8

December 10 2010

  • Release for version 4.0 of Firefox.
  • Opening loginpage opens now next to last selected tab
  • min. Version changed to 3.6

Version 0.6.7

December 08 2010

  • First release for forthcoming version 4.0 of Firefox.
  • fixed opening of loginpage, if one is already logged in but closed the tab
  • fixed searching in forums
  • added current version of TSRef
  • added current version of TSConfig
  • fixed problems of myprojects in FF4.0

Ver. 0.6.6

Changed Companyaddress to
Hohenzollernstrasse 26
D-30161 Hannover

Ver. 0.6.5

Added Firefox 3.6 compatibility

Updated TSref to TYPO3 V. 4.3

Updated TSconfig to TYPO3 V. 4.3

Redesign of TSref presentation

Redesign of TSconfig presentation

Ver. 0.6.4

I just added Firefox 3.5 compatibility.

Ver. 0.6.3

I just added a french forum.

and... shame on me.. fixed a bug with TSREF in 0.6.2

Ver. 0.6.2

Good morning new year 2009.

I just added Firefox 3.1 support...

Ver. 0.6.1

I fixed the forum search. Weired thing this... It always worked
in my development version, but after packing the xpi-file...
sometimes it worked, sometimes not... very strange.

And I added some icons to the small popupwindows.

Ver. 0.6

Sorry for that massive delay!
Many people expected a version for FF3 earlier. But sorry I had not enougth time
for fixing all that changed with the new Firefox release.
But now... here it is!

What changed?

First of all not much.

  • I fixed several bugs from the previous version.
  • You're now able to select where TYPO3Workbench should be added
    inside Firefox 3 (eg. Contextmenu, Toolbarmenu...)
  • Of course I added automatic login to the login funktion
  • On "MyProjects" you are now able to select whether you want to use
    bookmarks or tags.
  • I updated the references to the actual version from typo3.org
  • Searching for extensions on TYPO3.org now opens in a new tab not in a new window

Ver. 0.51

Just a small update.
Shame on me... I did not set some files to utf-8.
now it's fixed.

Ver. 0.5

Initial release

Get the sources

Get the sources

Download ths source typo3workbench.zip



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